About Us

“Well, babykidsale.com is a platform for shopping, selling, and sharing kids’ style. Built by moms and created for families everywhere. We take our inspiration from the little ones in our lives who remind us to do our part to create a better world every single day.”

learn-1468406_1920-minWe believe in a new state of mine, which means we’re reimagining how we shop and what we shop for—emphasizing community over closets. Whether you’re a mom starting your first shop, stylist sharing a unique point-of-view, or just find yourself looking to browse, you’ve arrived.


slider-01BABYKIDSALE.COM is a baby and kids store that stocks products parents will love and find useful. Each brand is tested by our team members before it is stocked on the website to ensure it is a quality product and also a useful product.
As a Primary School teacher and mother to three young children I choose products and toys that are educational and environmentally made. I have sourced quality products that will last, that aren’t made of plastic and that will be played with over and over again. Stocking wooden toys that are made with non toxic paint was important to me as babies are always exploring by putting things in their mouth.

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